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Hoke County Alumni Association, Inc.

Our Story

The Hoke County Alumni Association (HCAA) was founded on May 4, 2010 by Tonya McLauchlin.  The Association was structured and run by Tonya McLauchlin and Angela McNeill.  On July 14, 2010, the HCAA, Incorporated was filed with the state of North Carolina. As of February 2018, the Association is officially a federal non-profit (501c3) organization.


The Association vision was inspired from one of our neighboring county High Schools.  We felt the need of unity for Hoke County and creating an avenue for Alumni to give back and support the children in our school system and the Hoke County community.


The mission for the Association shall be to work for the growth and development of the many special needs of the Hoke County community; foster scholarship funds and educational programs; further enhance a harmonious relationship of present students, former students, and friends of the organization; develop a perspective of the schools and community programs; and keep abreast of the community needs and projections for the future.

What is Hoke County Alumni Association?  It is an organization that will foster relationships, inspire and give back to the students, school and community by collaborative efforts to make positive improvement in Hoke County. 

Will the Association events replace my class reunions?  No.  However, the Association annual events will be a great venue to reunite as a class.  Please encourage your class organizers to contact Hoke County Alumni Association for more information. 

Who can join?  Hoke County High Alumni, SandHoke Alumni, Upchurch Alumni,  Hawk Eye Alumni, any Hoke County School students, teachers, Community Businesses and Friends.

How can I join? Fill out registration form and annual donation fee of $25 annual fee or $300 lifetime fee.

Benefits of a Member

1) A member will have the pride of paying it forward to our alma mater and supporting a positive force in the community. 

2)  Digital Membership (HCAA Online) 

3) Discounted Rate of Annual Events

4) Newsletter

5)  Free admission to Homecoming game (admission pass received from Association) Contingent upon HCAA agreement with School

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