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Hello All,


It's time to fill Hoke County Alumni Association, Inc. Officer vacant positions, expired term or challenged positions.


If you are interested in any of the HCAA positions below, please submit your resume and Bio, to the Association email Please note position you are nominating yourself for on your Resume.  See list of all positions below.  The nomination period is November 1-25, 2022. After nomination period, voting will open, December 5 - 30, 2022.




1) Chair, Board of Directors (HCAA CEO)

2) Co Chair, Board of Directors

3) Board Secretary

4) Treasurer

5) Board Member




6) Chair, Executive Director (Committee chair)

7) Co-chair, Executive Committee

8) Secretary, Executive Committee


9) Scholarship Director

10) Public Relations Director

11) Membership Director

12) Community Service Director

13) Homecoming Director

14) Chaplin

15) Historian


Note:  Board of Director Nominees must be HCAA member for one year and all Officers will be expected to be active HCAA members while serving in Officer, Board or Committee capacity.  As a reference, the Bylaws are filed on the Hoke County Alumni Facebook page - Http://


If the position is currently filled and challenged by a nominee, I will let you know to submit ballot information.


Disclaimer: The Bio is shared at large with ballot for voting purposes.


On behalf of HCAA, I will serve as the non-voting, neutral POC for this process.



Tonya McLauchlin

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