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Hoke County Alumni Association, Inc.

Board of Directors:

  • April Bratcher, Chair

  • Dion Purcell, Co-Chair

  • Courtney McCollum, Treasurer

  • Angela McNeill, Co=Founder, Co-Treasurer 

  • Secretary, Angelica McDonald (Appointed)

  • Kirk Lowery, Board Member

  • Tonya McLauchlin,  Co-Founder, Advisory Board Member

Executive Committee:

  • Julia Shaw, Chair (Appointed)

  • Latoya Ray, Co-Chair (Appointed)

  • Secretary (VACANT)

  • Tishera Blue, Scholarship Director

  • Ginger Baldwin, Public Relations Director

  • Yolanda Stellmacher, Membership Director

The Class Leaders are encouraged to attend recurring Executive Committee meetings to support the HCAA plans and efforts.   (These meetings are normally held monthly.)


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